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Designed for learning by ETS, a leader in educational research, Chauncey Hotel & Conference Center integrates features that enhance communication and creative thinking. This quiet retreat is a perfect combination of style and function, accommodating up to 180 meeting attendees in conference rooms that meet the standards of the International Association of Conference Centers (IACC).

Chauncey’s atmosphere is sophisticated, yet the mood is casual and comfortable. Massive stone fireplaces invite conversation in gathering areas. Refreshment breaks are enjoyed in open, relaxed areas. Discover how this Princeton, New Jersey, meeting destination excels at hosting business meetings and events from award galas and multi-media presentations to private executive sessions.

Floor Plan & Capacities

Meeting Packages

Budget-focused Meeting Packages are complete with a dedicated conference planner and offer per person, per day pricing to fit your needs. 

Complete Meeting Package (CMP):

Our complete meeting package is a per person, per evening charge. It includes:

  • Overnight accommodations with high speed Internet access
  • Three conference dining meals per day (starting with dinner on arrival night and concluding with lunch on day of departure)
  • General session meeting room (24 hour hold for consecutive day programs).
  • Continuous refreshment breaks from 7:30 am to 5:00 pm
  • Use of state of the art Fitness Center and Indoor Salt Water heated pool
  • Standard audio visual package (1 LCD projector/screen, 2 flipcharts, 1 power strip, podium/wired microphone and complimentary wifi)
  • 22% administrative charges
  • On-premise parking
  • Conference Planning Manager

Day Meeting Package (DMP):

Our Day Meeting Package (DMP) is a daily per person per day charge.  It includes:

  • Continuous refreshment breaks from 7:30 am to 5:00 pm
  • Lunch in our Conference Dining Room
  • Conference planning manager
  • Standard audio visual (LCD projector/screen, 2 flipcharts, 1 power strip, podium/wired microphone and complimentary wifi)
  • 22% administrative charges
  • On-premise parking

Standard Audio Visual Package:

Our standard audio visual package includes the following:

  • 1 Ceiling mounted LCD Projector and Screen
  • Complimentary wifi
  • 1 Power Strip
  • Standing Podium & Wired Microphone (groups over 30)
  • 2 Flip Charts

Additional audio visual requirements will be subject to additional charges.  Please contact your conference planner with these needs.

Team and Leadership Training

Chauncey Hotel & Conference Center is pleased to partner with Simple Creations, LLC to assist you in hosting Events that are Fun, Engaging, Socially Interactive and Improve Team Dynamics!

Promote teamwork, strategic thinking, organization, delegation, social skills, department relations, problem solving and improve morale in a comfortable, relaxed setting. Simple Creations, LLC events provide a key element...100% makes a difference.

Meeting Jolts

Meeting Jolts!  Take a quick mental break! Put some energy into your meeting through our 30, 60 or 90 minute programs to give your group that burst of energy and fun they need!  Perfect for lunch breaks or midday break to enliven and change the pace of your meeting.  Helps to refocus group, spur creativity, open communication, build rapport and just have fun!  (Pricing Range from $25-$55 per person. Based on number of participants.)

Focus Activities

Simple Creations, LLC also offers Focus Activities to correlate and customize your meeting’s agenda and strategic planning. Activities that reflect the core of your meeting and reinforce your goals such as:  Win It In A Minute, Culinary Olympics, Tarp Challenge, Ring Challenge, Trash Can Ball, Human Ladder, Welded Feet, Vote to Win, I Can Use This, Tall Towers, ClayArt Challenge, The Group Needs Me, Marble Pipeline, Blind Polygon, Silent Opera, Paper Bridge, many more!

Culinary Challenges

Try a culinary option with the Tuscany Taste Challenge or Pizza Challenge 

Tuscany Taste Challenge: Each team will create their own version of a recipe in the tradition of Tuscany!  A homemade pizza, salad and savory appetizer or sweet dessert.  Recipes to be judged and winners declared!  Each team gets to sample and savor their culinary Tuscany creations!   We bring our own portable pizza bakers for each team.

Pizza Challenge: Similar to above but it’s all about the “pie”. Teams will be challenged to create their own special pizza for judging! “When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie that’s amore!” Clients will love this event for its simplicity and tastes!!!

More Events

More Events:  Scavenger Hunts, Smartphone Hunts, Corporate Idol, Game Shows, Extreme Challenge, Cake Wars, The Place Race, Food Bank Charity Challenge, Community Give Backs, Survivor Quest, Sangria Challenge, Wine & Beer Tasting, C.O.R.E. Development Program, Half & Full Day Outdoor Olympics, Celebrity Roasts, Stuffed Animal Rescue  and more!

Corporations and organizations have relied on Simple Creations, LLC to successfully develop and implement strategies for growth and solutions to their business needs and meetings. Their simple formula starts with a personalized 30 minute consultation.  Project/meeting conception + execution= resolution and success.  Your ROI is 100%! 

Simple Creations, LLC offers short program, half day and full day programs for:

New Team Development : build cohesiveness and sense of responsibility to team    

Productivity & Time Management: key elements to align and improve to increase results/profit   

Communication & Effective Listening: core values to any team but is there an appreciation for the varied types your team uses to convey information?

Conflict/Problem Resolution: consensus and agreement to address conflicts/problems

Bridge Department Gaps: improve interdepartmental relations and work atmosphere

Building Customer/Client Service: integrate your entire range of business functions to satisfy the individual needs of your customers.

Strategic Planning: establish direction, build commitment

Build High Performance Teams: sales, marketing, leadership training from our range of experts.

Goal Focus: How to get from here to there. Brainstorming, mapping and consensus.

Product Innovation/Product Development: empower, envision, employ.

The Moral of Building Morale: overall positive outcomes across the board...unite your team.   

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